Single Estates Coffee

Veracruz used to be main entry route in the introduction of coffee in Mexico. It was considered as the place that could offer quality and quantity and this captioned the attention of all the people.

With the economy boom of coffee at the end of the xix th century, Veracruz used to be the main coffee producer. The tree was introduced by the hacienda owners, who used to farm it with the agronomical and technological advantages of that time.

In 1940`s Finca Santa Elena was the first hacienda built in the state of Veracruz, within an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level: actually is internationally known because of its excellent coffee production.

Hacienda Santa Elena has been operating the coffee farms with wet and dry mill until today and every year is trying to improve their operations.


Variety Bourbon and Catuai
Location Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico
Elevation 1,000 – 1,180 m.a.s.l.
Process Wet and Dry mill
Shipping period March through July
Availability 2,000 bags of 69 kgs.

Cupped and certified by Q Grader

Geographical Situation
Hacienda Santa Elena
GPS Coordinates: 18° 53’N |96° 56’ O

Hacienda Santa Elena is located in Cordoba, mexican province enclosed at Sierra Madre Oriental in the central region of Veracruz. Cordoba is a commercial city, where some big inmigrant enterprises arrived at the end of XIXth century.
With an altitude of 1180 meters above sea level, Cordoba has a temperature that oscilates between 35° y 6°C; its media precipitation is about 1,800 milimeters in summer and at the beginning of the autumn.


The harvest season is scheduled from December through the beginning of March. We have a total availability in March of around 2,000 bags, the shipments will be ready in February through July.


To enable the coffee tracking, through different processes such as production, transportation, and distribution, we work with a software which secures the quality of the products because it can identify each responsable of each process. The purpose of this traceability through the coffee production and commercialization chain, is to add product information like origin, production, process, standard quality and other key attributes that can be helpful to them and their customer.

This would not be possible if we didn’t have this traceability documents, which are fundamentals for any system of quality and security.