Single Estates Coffee

Finca custepec was founded by Juan Pohlenz Dieckmann in 1911. The family has been dedicated in the production, milling and exportation of the highest altitude coffee produced in Mexico. Through year 1956, he, his wife and their 9 children continued their effort to grow a sustainable and friendly ecological coffee. At this time the family founded the company Beneficio Custepec S.A de C.V, and ever since they collect, process, and commercialize the entire production of 17 family owned farms on their property.

Finca Alamo renovation program started 5 years ago with Caturra variety, altitude is from 1,105 meters to 1,250 meters. As they are new plantations they have distinguished characteristics in their fruit, as in their development of the plants, translated to the cup. This area founds between two blocks of virgin rainforest which provide a special microclimate for the coffee plantations.


Variety Caturra
Elevation 1,105 to 1,250 m.a.s.l.
Process Wet Process (Washed) and Sun Dried

Cupped and certified by Q Grader

Cup Profile
This coffee has dark chocolate and tobacco aroma, evidenced by its floral and honey flavor notes, its sweetness is delicate, with medium acidity characteristic of this highest altitude coffee.

Geographical Situation

Finca Alamo is located in the High Mountains of Chiapas, at 1,100 meters above sea level. They have a total area of 2,243 hectares with 1,136 hectares of coffee production and 1,107 hectares of rainforest. The entire property of Finca Custepec is located within El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve buffer zone and contributes to conservation through the implementation of sustainable practices in shade-grown coffee plantations. El Triunfo Biosphere is the most diverse evergreen forest in Mexico, and one of the most important sites for bird migration. It is covered with evergreen seasonal forest, montane rainforest and lower montane rainforest that contain a higher proportion of endemic plants. A number of threatened mammalian species can be found in the reserve, namely Geoffroy’s spider monkey, margay, jaguar and puma. The production areas are located over 1,100 m.a.s.l., providing the appropriate weather conditions (temperature, rain, and humidity) to produce high quality coffee. The Custepec valley, where the farm is located, experiences moderate rains and fewer risks due to hurricane impact compared to the El Soconusco region, where a different coffee cluster is located.

GPS Coordinates: 15° 43′ 00″ N 92° 58′ 00″ W.


The Pohlenz family has been putting all their efforts to improve year after year their quality. They were able to becomeRainforest Alliance certified because of their good practices, growing coffee in a sustainable ecological way, helping and supporting their co-workers in all their needs. The Family signed last year as the biggest Rainforest Reservation area in Mexico in order to preserve Mother Nature. All the production has been certified according as Rainforest Alliance for over eight years.