Single Estates Coffee

In the middle of Sierra Norte of Puebla, is located Cuautepec, a place where the Totonacapan begins. This place is a mix between the Otomí and Nahuatl culture. In the past was part of Totonacapan dominion, proof of this, is the traditional dance of “Voladores” nowadays still performed. Besides coffee and avocado farming, this zone, has a wealth handcraft tradition, these people still does the most antique paper of Mexico: Papel Amate. The Papel Amate production has a prehispanical origin, from centuries communicated generation to generation. This paper is still made for ceremonial use, such as ofrendas and to please the gods.
The Fábrica Vieja name is taken because this place, used to be an old liquor factory.
Coffee plants are shaded grown and are about 15 years old. The harvest is made by hand with people who lives in this place. The milling process is made by fermentation and by washing the cherries. In the drying process, are used machines fueled by gas oven and straws.


Variety Caturra and Pacamara
Location Tlacuilotepec State of Puebla Mexico
Elevation 1,190 m.a.s.l.
Process Wet Process (Washed)

Cupped and certified by Q Grader

Fábrica Vieja with astringent acidity and fruity notes makes us travel to new horizons with their tipical aroma charateristics of the Puebla coffees.

Fabrica Vieja, has made us proud of it:

“Cup of Excellence 2013”. Achieving the final rounds

“Cumbre Latinoamericana de Café 2013” obtaining the 3rd place. This took place in México in one of the biggest Coffee Expos.

“3rd place Sabor Expo Café 2013” this fair gathered all the brands from México to select the best ones.


GPS Coordinates: 20°20´13” N 98°2´35” W

Fabrica Vieja is located in Sierra Norte of Puebla, with an altitude of 1,190 meters above sea level, in Cuautepec place which belongs to Tlacuilotepec, Puebla. With a total area of 80 Has. 53 of these are producing Caturra Coffee and 1 Ha. produces Pacamara Coffee. The remain 26 Has. are a forest reserve wich is mainly mountain forest. This geographical situation offers amazing mountains, landscapes and areas such as streams and canyons, bringing excellent conditions for coffee farming.