Exportadora de Café California

Country Mexico
Region of origin
Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, Puebla
Location (lat/lon)
Altitude range
from — to — m above sea level
Average annual rainfall
— mm per year and m2
Harvest Period
normally from January through March
Average annual production
about 700 metric tons or about 10,000 original bags
Taste characteristics The cup experience is different to all other Robusta coffees as it does not have the typical baggy taste but surprises with a clean neutral aroma. The flavor is nice with a certain kind of sweetness.
Visual characteristics This coffee is a medium to large sized Robusta bean with very few defects.
Description This coffee is the best Washed Robusta in the world.
Coffee type Robusta, washed, sun-dried
Special varieties or types Robusta